As the Russians used to say in Afghanistan - “Snafu”


Situation normal, or all fucked up.

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One last training op. This one is gona kick-ass.

Hey man, what's it's a fleet marine force and what do they cosisof/what do they do? Are you in one?

The United States Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) are combined general and special purpose forces within the United States Department of the Navy that are designed in engaging offensive amphibious or expeditionary warfare and defensive maritime employment.

Go Google it if you want to know more.

Under a cloudy sky and in a bracing wind 98 steadfast recruits from All Arms Recruit Course 373 Cassino Company marched out in Waiouru watched by their friends and families huddled under blankets against the cold.
Hats were whipped from heads by the strong breeze and careered across the parade ground, and in the end the elements won as recruits were told to remove their head dress before the reviewing parade.
Chief of Army Major General Dave Gawn thanked the gathered families for entrusting their loved ones into the care of the New Zealand Army. “As a father I know that is no small measure of trust.
“Our pledge to you is that they will be well trained and well equipped for any future deployments and when they go on operations they will go armed with the best skills we can give them.”
MAJGEN Gawn told the recruits they were now professional soldiers and with that came the responsibility of service.
“You will now always be a soldier and you will always wear that uniform, even when you take it off.”


The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) Commercial for Veteran Dogs


BAD ASS: Yogendra Singh Yadav

"Who Was He?

Yogendra Singh Yadav was a member of an Indian grenadier battalion during a conflict with Pakistan in 1999. Their mission was to climb “Tiger Hill” (actually a big-ass mountain), and neutralize the three enemy bunkers at the top. Unfortunately, this meant climbing up a sheer hundred-foot cliff-face of solid ice. Since they didn’t want to all climb up one at a time with ice-axes, they decided they’d send one guy up, and he’d fasten the ropes to the cliff as he went, so everyone else could climb up the sissy way. Yadav, being awesome, volunteered.
Half way up the icy cliff-o’-doom, enemies stationed on an adjacent mountain opened fire, shooting them with an RPG, then spraying assault-rifle fire all over the cliff. Half his squad was killed, including the commander, and the rest were scattered and disorganized. Yadav, in spite of being shot three times, kept climbing.

When he reached the top, one of the target bunkers opened fire on him with machine guns. Yadav ran toward the hail of bullets, pitched a grenade in the window and killed everyone inside. By this point the second bunker had a clear shot and opened fire, so he ran at them, taking bullets while he did, and killed the four heavily-armed men inside with his bare hands.
Meanwhile, the remainder of his squad was standing at the top of the cliff staring at him saying, “dude, holy shit!” They then all went and took the third bunker with little trouble.
For his gallantry and sheer ballsiness, he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military award. Unlike the Medal of Honor, the Param Vir Chakra is only given for “rarest of the rare gallantry which is beyond the call of duty and which in normal life is considered impossible to do.” That’s right, you actually have to break the laws of reality just to be eligible.

It has only been awarded 21 times, and two thirds of the people who earned it died in the process. It was initially reported that Yadav had as well, but it turns out that they just mistook him for someone less badass. Or they just figured no real human being could survive a broken leg, shattered arm and 10-15 fresh bullet holes in one sitting.”