• *Looking at another Marines stack*
  • Me: Holy shit he's stacked.
  • Buddy: That's cuz he was in the army. They get medals for taking a shit.


In Sengileevskoye village not far from Stavropol city, former servicemen settled a military camp for boys.

Now in the camp are thirty boys aged 10-18 who learn foundations of martial art and how to handle a weapon.

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shes actually talking to me again

greatest thing ever

What the fuck does yut mean?

  1. A motivational word used in the U.S. Military, similar to the word oorah - often used when one is either too lazy or not motivated enough to say oorah or other popular word of motivation. 
  2. Used when in a large group of military members. When they shout a motivational term on cue, some may shout “YUT!” instead, and often in a sharp, awkward voice, just to stand out.
When the Master Sergeant tells a lower-ranking Marine to complete a task, one who is new would likely shout “oorah!” to sound motivated. But a Marine who has been in longer may likely shout “Yut!” instead to show his motivation.
YUT = Yelling Useless Things.

how many dragons have you slayed since you've been in the usmc?

if by dragons you mean penises then none

cuz im being fucked by a huge green one constantly